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Some of the most common and serious mistakes that people make regarding taxation and the IRS include the following:

Not filing personal or business income tax returns
Not realizing that it is acceptable to file even if one is unable to pay taxes owed at the same time
Failing to register to pay sales taxes in connection with a small private business venture
Doing nothing — the greatest mistake of all!
Pew Law Center, PLLC, is a well-respected Greater Phoenix Area law firm offering focused legal services for Arizonans seeking resolutions to tax related concerns. We also provide debt relief through bankruptcy. Often, clients rely on our law firm to handle both legal matters on their behalf: personal or business bankruptcy, and also assistance with working out an IRS payment plan.

Our clients respect the depth of knowledge that attorneys at the Pew Law Center possess and demonstrates regarding tax problems related to other legal areas:

Business dissolution
Personal injury

Any one of these legal situations is a frightening prospect for most people. But we are here to report that there is, in fact, life after tax audits and other tax problems with the IRS. Pew Law Center has helped many clients find new rays of hope through resolution of tax problems:

“Stop the IRS” techniques to implement right away
Abatement of penalties
Audit representation
Offers in compromise — You can settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar!

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